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9th class Chemistry guess papers 2016

Chemistry guess papers for 9th class

9th class chemistry LONG QUESTIONS guess

9th class guess-papers of coumputer 2016, Guess papers, coumputer guess papers

Defects in Rutherford model. Bohr atomic theory. Properties of cathode rays. Discovery of Proton. Electronic configuration of CA and Mg. Uses of isotopes. Isotopes. Modern periodic table salient feature of long form of periodic table. S.I units of atomic radius. Trend of ionization energy in a group.

9th class chemistry short QUESTIONS guess:

Guess Chemistry 9th short Q chemistry, physical chem., organic & inorganic chem., mixture, physical and chemical prop., valiancy , diff b/w compound & mixture, empirical & molecular formula, free radical, Avogadro number, mole., molecular ion, electronic configuration (cl-1), isotopes (hydrogen), Domineer Trides  , branches of chemistry. Element. Valiancy.  Relative atomic mass. Empirical formula. Molecular ions .free redicals. homoatomic and hetroatomic molecules, Avogadro’s number. Isotopes. Periods. Atomic radius. Shielding effect. Electron affinity. Electronegativity. Boiling points. Allotropy.

9th class chemistry Practical guess:

Material and procedures of 1st, sublimation, boiling and melting points and titration / of HCl & NaOH

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