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9th class math science guess papers 2016

9th class math science guess papers 2016

daeeducation bring math science guess papers for 9th class students, here you can find many other guess papers 2016.

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9th class math science Important questions.

Cheater question of math important question

Ex 1.1 (3)1.2(6)1.3(3,6,7,8,¡¡)1.4(5,¡¡¡,6,¡)1.5(4)1.6(1,¡¡¡,v,2,4,5)1(3,5)2.1(5,6)2.3(3)2.4 complete 2.5 (1,¡¡¡,4)2.6(2,¡v,3,¡¡,¡v,7)2(3,4,5,6,7)3.2(4,5,6,¡¡¡)3.3(2,3,¡¡¡,4)first three law of logarithm 3.4(1,¡¡¡,¡v,v¡¡¡,4)3(3,¡¡¡,¡v,6)4.1(3,5,¡v,v¡,6)4.2(1,2,5,14,15)4.3(2,¡¡¡,3,4)4.4(3,5,6)4(5,6,8)5.1(2,3,4)5.2(1,6)5.3(2,4,5,7,8)5.4(2)5(3,¡¡,¡v,¡x)6.1(2,6,8,9,10)6.2(2,6,8,12,13)6.3(3,4,5)6(2,4,6,8)7.1(1,¡¡¡,v¡,2,¡¡,v¡¡¡)7.2(2,¡¡,v,v¡,v¡¡,v¡¡¡)7.3(2,¡¡,v,v¡¡)7(3,5)8.1(1,4,5)9.1(1,b,d,f,2,¡¡)9.2(1,4,5,6,10)9.3(1,b,2,4)9(4,5)10(4)11.1(1,2)11(3,5)12(3,4,5)13.1(1)13.2(1,2)13(2,3,4,5,6)14(2,3,6)15.1(1,2,3,8)15(2)16(2,3)17.1(2,3,4,5)17.2(1,2,3,4)17.4(1)17.5(1,4,5)17(3)

Objective of math science guess papers

all objective in last exercise.

Ex, definitions all.last examples ex 1.6,2.6,3.4,4.4,5.1,5.2,

9th class important Thurman for papers

Theorems (mesly) ch no 12 complete

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