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English Objective Guess Paper 11th Class 2016

English Objective Guess Paper 11th Class 2016

Intermediate Guess Papers for English Objective Part 1

DAe education provide you Intermediate Guess Papers for English Objective Part 1 here you can find all guess papers for all subject.

Intermediate Guess Papers for English Objective Part 1

All published material of Intermediate Part 1 contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

FSC Part 1 Objective English Guess Paper,

English Objective Intermediate Guess Paper,

Guess Paper Intermediate Part 1,

Choose the Correct Option

Mr. Spelding looks unctuous
(A) Kingly (B) Flattering (C) Cruel (D) Wild

Mr. Spelding nods wearily
(A) Angrily (B) Hastily (C) Excitedly (D) Tiredly

Roger Spelding is concluding his T.V. broadcast
(A) Starting (B) Finding (C) Announcing (D) Ending

Mrs. Spelding looks bored and vague
(A) Bold (B) Timid (C) Sharp (D) Brainless

Is he an impostor? (writer, athlete, artist, impersonator”)

Our gestures are without motion.
(A) Suggestions (B) Idleness (C) Actions (D) Laziness

Margaret said if this devasted and mangled countryside was not ruin, what then was ruin?
(A) Wiped (B) Damaged (C) Washed (D) Wasted

The country side was devastated and mangled.
(A) Beautified (B) Ruined (C) Planted (D) Fertile

Roxanna had an assortment of shells
(A) Net (B) Skin (C) Set (D) Cap

The doctor coaxed the child to open her mouth.
(A) Asked (B) Forced (C) Flattered (D) Forbade

The doctor empowered the sick girl
(A) Treated (B) Injected (C) Overestimated (D) Overcame

The doctor got furious
(A) Hopeful (B) Disappointed (C) Angry (D) Delighted

Jorkens said that the man should arrange competition
(A) Contest (B) Play (C) Programme (D) Sermon

The girl lets out a muffled cry
(A) Loud (B) Sharp (C) Suppressed (D) Wilful

She walked into the kitchen numbly.
(staggering, feelinglessly/, calmly, fearfully)

The villagers exhorted the quack to dig the grave
(A) Requested (B) Urged (C) Asked (D) Appreciated

Finally the quack perceived his mistake
(A) Rejected (B) Ignored (C) Understood (D) Cleared

To have no faith is worse than slavery
(A) Bondage (B) Freedom (C) Liberty (D) Hope

Sheikh Sadi is perpetually modem
(A) Eternally (B) Lazily (C) Wrongly (D) Swiftly

Roger Splending is described as middle aged and unctuous
(A) Knowledgeable (B) Smiling (C) Punctual (D) Smooth in speech

He is middle aged, unctuous resonant
(A) Thick voiced (B) Clear voiced (C) Chirpy voiced (D) Bad voiced

A time to rend and a time to sew
(A) Fill (B) Shoot (C) Tear (D) Clutch

You have come here out of great trials and tribulations
(A) Fortunes (B) Memments (C) Miseries (D) Joys

On the walls, on the shelves are many odds and ends
(A) Common things (B) Strange things (C) Known things (D) Unknown things

Our talk at the club was of opportunity and determination
(A) Chance (B) Deterrence (C) Resolve (D) Whim

Perhaps I suppose this is one of those mysteries we’ll never solve
(A) Miseries (B) Misfortunes (C) Secrets (D) Pearls

He glances back at the door
(A) Leaves (B) Sees (C) Touches (D) Smells

The melon was easily swallowed
(A) Eaten (B) Expelled (C) Vomited (D) Thrown

Instantly the melon broke in the throat.
(A) Amazingly (B) Exquisitely (C) Softly (D) Immediately

Empty of concord is the Soul of Europe
(A) Reality (B) Depth (C) Harmony (D) Faith

The boy’s parents agreed to shed his blood for the trash of this world
(A) Honour (B) Comfort (C) Pleasure (D) Rubbish

I told the parents that it was entirely up to them
(A) Partially (B) Swiftly (C) Completely (D) Tiringly

I could hear the water splashing under his feet
(A) Sound of water (B) Hissing of leaves (C) Sound of birds (D) Wind

The long boughs of pines were fondling the substance of a white cloud
(A) Caressing (B) Hiding (C) Peeping (D) Covering

Norma stared at the small man
(A) Jeered (B) Mocked (C) Gazed (D) Hit

Norma frowned. She didn’t like his attitude.
(A) Hesitated (B) Looked at (C) Liked (D) Disliked

Norma made a contemptuous noise
(A) Scornful (B) Beautiful (C) Faint (D) Careful

Norma made a scoffing sound
(A) Hash (B) Musical (C) Mocking (D) Soft

Impulsively Norma picked up the card halves.
(A) Fortunately (B) Probably (C) Knowingly (D) Instinctively

Clay says, “Father your fishing tackle is in the closet safe.”
(A) Rod (B) Apparatus (C) Meadow (D) Bait

Love and large hearted giving leave sad marks
(A) Generous (B) Trivial (C) Significant (D) Tiny

Then slowly a luminous object arcs into view
(A) Simple (B) Obvious (C) Plain (D) Shining

Slowly a luminous object arcs in view
(A) Huge (B) Bright (C) Burning (D) Twinkling

A luminous object arcs into view
(A) Heavy (B) Bright (C) Long (D) Red

Edwin Arnold has aptly described Gulistan in culinary terms
(A) Official (B) Strange (C) Funny (D) Of kitchen

Through love, wrath seems to be a mercy
(A) Smile (B) Laugh (C) Mock (D) Anger

But the ground was so stiff.
(A) Hard (B) Soft (C) Hot (D) Dry

I took a trial shot at it.
(A) Sudden (B) Intention (C) Experimental (D) Dangerous

All the trees were queer and still
(A) Fresh (B) Strong (C) Strange (D) Clear

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough
(A) Mass of petals (B) Mass of flowers (C) Bush (D) Buds

The state of Mississippi is a desert state sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression
(A) Swelling (B) Bubbling (C) Shadowing (D) Burning

Clay wants to buy for mother a present
(A) Gift (B) Oyster (C) Chain (D) Watch

Are you suggesting we play a trick on Clay, in order to carry out your mumbo-jumbo ideas?
(A) Great (B) Innovative (C) Confusing (D) Mature

Clay says, “Your fishing tackle’s in the closet safe and sound.”
(A) Undertaking (B) Gear (C) Pond (D) Stew

“All right, suppose it is?” He looked incredulous
(A) Surprised (B) Startled (C) Disbelieving (D) Fresh

Jess’s curiosity was aroused
(A) Temperature (B) Hatred (C) Interest (D) Anger

My curiosity was aroused. (despair, eagerness, anger, joy)

“Look at this, Jess!” he bragged
(A) Challenged (B) Said (C) Boasted (D) Swore

We are hollow men
(A) Fragile (B) Void (C) Weak (D) Brave

The poet in “The Hollow Men” says that we are paralysed force
(A) Poor (B) Powerful (C) Disabled (D) Rich

You whom this age’s way so captivate
(A) Confused (B) Fascinate (C) Troublesome (D) Lofty

Royal smiles wene directed towards him, and a gentle applause broke out
(A) Loudness (B) Appreciation (C) Noise (D) Excitement

Gentle applause broke out from every hand for Gorgios.
(A) Curse (B) Clapping (C) Dislike (D) Abuse

The girl shrieked hysterically
(A) Ran (B) Screamed (C) Looked (D) Sang

She shrieked terrifyingly hysterically
(A) Over excitedly (B) Sheepishly (C) Sorrowfully (D) Dejectedly

Your quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution
(A) Preach (B) Pursuit (C) Request (D) Sympathy

Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California
(A) Having curves (B) Lofty (C) Low (D) Fat

The slave had never been at sea, and experienced any calamity
(A) Blessing (B) Travel (C) Misery (D) Opportunity

The Sergeant said that he could quieten the slave
(A) Silent (B) Punish (C) Teach (D) Train

The sunlight was coming out distorted
(A) Tampered (B) Lovely (C) Shiny (D) Fierce

The sunlight was perverted
(A) Diverted (B) Fierce (C) Lovely (D) Burning

The author had a vexing dream
(A) Coaxing (B) Longing (C) Quarrelling (D) Annoying

The author had a vexing dream one night
(A) Troublesome (B) Pleasing (C) Long (D) Lovely

The man was dragging the corpse in the mud
(A) Hiding (B) Burying (C) Pulling (D) Tearing

It shows play wrights eminently fascinating attitude
(A) Humbly (B) Highly (C) Lowly (D) Simply

There is a time to pluck up that which is planted
(A) Harvest (B) Saw (C) Sow (D) Ascend

Laura stumbled through the settlement
(A) Staggered (B) Passed happily (C) Walked vividly (D) Strolled

The Mayor was a stout serious man
(A) Ugly (B) Handsome (C) Heavy (D) Thin

Her face was flushed
(A) Red (B) Gloomy (C) Bright (D) Flustered

The face of the sick Girl was flushed
(A) Darkened (B) Yellow (C) Pale (D) Rosy

The new mealies were just showing
(A) Stars (B) Maize (C) Colours (D) Clouds

Maulvi Abdul had slightly bulging eyes
(A) Projected (B) Blue (C) Squint (D) Awry

The barber shop is crowded with stuff.
(A) Void (B) Vacant (C) Packed (D) Empty

Abul had bulging eyes
(A) Narrow (B) Big (C) Swelling (D) Tiny

The door rattles viciously
(A) Violently (B) Forcibly (C) Mildly (D) Carefully

The man rattles the door viciously
(A) Opens (B) Breaks (C) Looks inside (D) Clatters

They think Kreton a monster first
(A) Droll (B) Intellectual (C) GhOst (D) Scholar

They think that Kreton is wearing wrong costume
(A) Shoe (B) Glove (C) Custom (D) Dress

Tells that its sculptor well those passions read
(A) Forces (B) Changes (C) Hills (D) Emotions

Daddy will be deliriously happy.
(A) Wildly excited (B) Positively (C) Wildly curiously (D) Politely

Trusting his images, he assumes their relevance
(A) Undertakes (B) Prefers (C) Shows (D) Thinks

Clark has scarcely noticed her
(A) Happily (B) Sadly (C) Hardly (D) Sharply

Clark Larrabee has scarcely noticed her
(A) Happily (B) Quickly (C) Suddenly (D) Hardly

I want a pair of blue suede shoes, said the boy.
(A) Rubber (B) Leather (C) Canvas (D) Plastic

It was too steep for my feet to hold unless I braced myself
(A) Supported (B) Wounded (C) Hurt (D) Controlled

I braced myself
(A) Told (B) Pulled (C) Supported (D) Beat

Her hair is dishevelled
(A) Thin (B) Thick (C) Untidy (D) Discoloured

The girl felt that she was going to faint
(A) Lose consciousness (B) Die (C) Shriek (D) Be afraid

The girl looked stunned
(A) Beautiful (B) Dangerous (C) Confused (D) Delighted

The girl moves away suspiciously
(A) Sharply (B) Swiftly (C) Doubtfully (D) Angrily

Harry asked his children if they had been prowling up in the ruins
(A) Sleeping (B) Digging (C) Looking (D) Roaming

Harry looked at his house with dismay.
(A) Gloom (B) Joy (C) Success (D) Triumph

Chin up, Harry
(A) Stand up (B) Move (C) Behold (D) Be happy

On every side decamping talk
(A) Charming (B) Laughing (C) Departing (D) Confusing

The flying object has given rise to so much irresponsible conjecture
(A) Guess (B) Problem (C) Trouble (D) Basis

Pyramid piled like cannon balls
(A) High up (B) Conical (C) Top linked (D) Flat

The following things were found in the various pockets
(A) Different (B) Many (C) Coat (D) Shirt

The boy picked up the pocket book.
(A) Battle-axe (B) Courage (C) Purse (D) Note-book

Compose a symphony, paint, write a book
(A) Piece of music (B) Rhyme (C) Book (D) Poem

She shook him until his teeth rattled
(A) Broke (B) Clattered (C) Shown (D) Removed

I ground my teeth in disgust.
(A) Happiness (B) Sadness (C) Outrage (D) Gloom

He answered me curtly, “I cleared this land.”
(A) Abruptly (B) Not politely (C) Very politely (D) Angrily

The man peers out the glass
(A) Break (B) Graze (C) Lift (D) Throws

The slumber on with paws across.
(A) Stop (B) Wake (C) Sleep (D) Walk

It was clotted inside with eggs
(A) Thickened (B) Covered (C) Deleted (D) Opened

She was a feeble old woman
(A) Wake (B) Weak (C) Invited (D) Ordered

The storm has probably slowed it down
(A) Likely to happen (B) Surely (C) Suddenly (D) Practically

Thus exhorted the unfortunate man, in the greatest fear
(A) Suggested (B) Prey ided (C) Explained (D) Urged

Are you deliberately trying to confuse me?
(A) Delightedly (B) Dramatically (C) Only (D) Intentionally

Fatch Dad’s censure was purely religious
(A) Reaction (B) Decision (C) Disapproval (D) Statement

The pavement thronged with pedestrians
(A) Shop (B) Hotel (C) Ground (D) Footpath

The pavements were thronged with pedestrians
(A) Dirty (B) Void (C) Empty (D) Packed

He alighted from the high heaven
(A) Ascended (B) Descended (C) Looked (D) Delighted

Mr. Hubert furiously lifted his hand and said in the most exasperating tone
(A) Exciting (B) Interesting (C) Irritating (D) Indifferent

Mr. Hubert was terrified by the suspicion resting on him.
(A) Mistrust (B) Trust (C) Doubt (D) Responsibility

People called Mr. Hubert old rascal.
(A) Leader (B) Peasant (C) Rouge (D) Master

The grave of Hubert withstood the havocs of the flood
(A) Water (B) Destruction (C) Waves (D) Noise

Hubert was astounded when he was accused of pocking up the pocket book.
(A) Baffled (B) Amazed (C) Dump founded (D) Stupefied)

Nor it is a spaceship as certain lunatic elements have suggested
(A) Large (B) Low (C) mad (D) Sad

He is a nondescript sort of person
(A) Nonsense (B) Pessimistic (C) Non serious (D) Ordinary

The smoke was rising from myriads of fires
(A) Acrid (B) Heaps (C) Man-made (D) Countless number

With whom should she solace?
(A) Comfort (B) Join (C) Divert (D) Communicate

Not even one who is well off
(A) Well behaved (B) Polite (C) Wealthy (D) healthy

Impulsively, she dropped them into her purse
(A) Spontaneously (B) Loudly (C) Aggressively (D) Willingly

That’s one of your most primitive traits
(A) Basic (B) Prominent (C) Premature (D) Distinctive

He was enjoying his promenade in the bitter cold
(A) Loneliness (B) Pleasure walk (C) Leisure (D) Adventure

She fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret
(A) Comically (B) Bravely (C) Cowardly (D) Furiously

Let bygones by bygones
(A) Forget the past (B) Recall the past (C) Do everything smoothly (D) Go with the stream

And since to look at things in bloom
(A) Beauty (B) In full swing (C) In fascination (D) In sadness

He picks up a discarded newspaper.
(fresh, latest, colourful, abandoned”)

Spelding nods wearily
(A) Happily (B) Heartily (C) Tiredly (D) Sadly

To have a young athlete at court exhibiting physical fitness
(A) Claiming (B) Discarding (C) Ailing (D) Demonstrating

Yonder’s the midden whose odours will madden
(A) Mole hill (B) Mountain (C) Dunghill (D) Meadow

He stopped at the edge of the meadow
(A) Hill top (B) Waste land (C) Valley (D) Desert

He found a crowd assembled to watch the proceedings
(A) Came (B) Invited (C) Awaited (D) Gathered

Flareup flames in
heart to height. (arouse”, fan up, break up, back up)

The foundation of oppression was small in the world
(A) Depression (B) Sadness (C) Cruelty (D) Will power

Unearned suffering is redemptive
(A) Hard (B) Harsh (C) Unjust (D) Saving

He examined it with the air of connoisseur
(A) Musician (B) Critic (C) Gardener (D) Buyer

I want to quit and go home to San Francisco
(A) Write (B) Travel (C) Leave (D) Enjoy

Stare from bushes at her blank faced coaches
(A) Attractive (B) Passionless (C) Ugly (D) Broken

You may be afraid to Riot an evil
(A) Make (B) Introduce (C) Plan (D) Follow

He looked such a dandy
(A) Poor (B) Proud (C) Fashionable (D) Fraud

None to lessen their groans
(A) Songs (B) Growth (C) Pains (D) Great

To whom shall I complain against brutality?
(A) Corruption (B) Cruelty (C) Abuse (D) Bribery

What is that gadget?
(A) Small machine (B) Box (C) Gift (D) Packet

She locked the front and joined Arthur in the elevator
(A) Stairs (B) Crane (C) Electric lift (D) Plane

Arthur looked incredulous when Norma said there was no harm in pushing the button.
(A) Showing disbelief (B) Disgusted (C) Weary (D) Doubtful

Arthur stared at her appalled.
(A) Amazed (B) Happily (C) Emotionally (D) Terrified

Say, you look pretty nervous about something
(A) Beautiful (B) Very (C) Slightly (D) A little

I should think it would be divine
(A) Divided (B) Developed (C) From God (D) Artificial

When Della arrived home. her mind quietened a little
(A) Reached (B) Went (C) Looked at (D) Built

No time to stand beneath the boughs
(A) Branches (B) Stems (C) Shade (D) Top

Giving the poor beneath
(A) Up (B) Close (C) Near (D) Under

They all stood and gazed
(A) Surprised (B) Stared (C) Dazed (D) Glared

When I arrived I was met by the mother, a big startled looking woman, very clean and apologetic?
(A) Gloomy (B) Sad (C) Regretful (D) Happy

The drab interior of a bus station along a deserted highway somewhere in the Midwest
(A) Dull (B) Beautiful (C) New (D) Modern

I had never seen such a rugged land.
(A) Hard (B) Soft (C) Fertile (D) Uneven

His wife, bored in vague, knits passively
(A) Pretty (B) Clear (C) Absent-minded (D) Clever

Nothing beside remains, round the decay
(A) Structure (B) Decline (C) Statue (D) Body

Mr. Steward’s tone had been offensive
(A) Low (B) Impressive (C) Annoying (D) Humorous

The odour of food was appetizing
(A) Foul (B) Sweet (C) Exciting (D) Bitter

Mr. Steward’s tone had been offensive
(A) Disagreeable (B) Co-operative (C) Friendly (D) Fine

Steward looked embarrassed.
(A) Successful (B) Delighted (C) Mysterious (D) Upset

The farm was ringing with the clamour of the gong
(A) Sound (B) Tone (C) Uproar (D) Forces

That valley is fatal when furnaces burn
(A) Disastrous (B) Beautiful (C) Green (D) Fertile

The traveller was from antique land
(A) Ancient (B) Efficient (C) Prudent (D) Alien

Mrs. Jones did not embarrass the boy
(A) Confuse (B) Refuse (C) Refute (D) Salute

The woman did not ask anything that could embarrass him.
(A) Make to feel ashamed (B) Put him to trouble (C) Torture (D) Punish)

The wind seemed to flake away their identities.
(A) Break (B) Recognize (C) Remind (D) Make out

There is time to refrain
(A) Sustain (B) Maintain (C) Abstain (D) Disdain

Sharnim Ahmed stumbled over the words
(A) Staggered (B) Resembled (C) Remembered (D) Discussed

The Oyster and the Pearl is a sentimental comedy
(A) Ironic (B) Rational (C) Traditional (D) Emotional

Choose the Correct Answer

What price did Della receive of her hair?
(A) Ten dollars (B) Fifteen dollars (C) Twenty dollars (D) Twenty five dollars

No bne can count Della’s
(A) Combs (B) Love (C) Hair (D) Jewels

How many times did Della count her saved money?
(A) Two times (B) Three times (C) Four times (D) line times

The girl’s life is saved by a who had come there by chance.
(A) Police officer (B) Bus boy (C) Dog (D) Beggar

What did Zaibunnisa start teaching young girls?
(A) The Holy QuranV (B) Embroidery (C) English (D) cooking)

The girl was coming from.
(A) The party (B) Tour (C) A hill station (D) A station

The Girl was afraid of.
(A) The policeman (B) A friend (C) A killer (D) A person

Who saved the girl from the killer?
(A) The second man (B) The driver (C) A dog (D) A policeman

From where the girl was coming?
(A) School (B) Party (C) Church (D) Hotel

The girl was afraid of.
(A) A police man (B) A friend (C) A killer (D) A person

What was the first name of sick Girl?
(A) Jolly (B) Della (C) Cora (D) Mathilda

Who is after the girl in “Heart Lightning”?
(A) Her brother (B) Her friend (C) A dog (D) The killer

The doctor asked the girl’s first name.
(A) For her parents satisfaction (B) To keep record (C) To threaten her (D) To make her friendly

The girl could see a man’s face pressed against the
(A) Wall (B) Window (C) Pillar (D) Glass outside the door

What did Abdul’s wife teach the girls of the village?
(A) Cooking (B) Sewing (C) The Holy Quran (D) English

How far was the girl going?
(A) Four miles (B) Eight miles (C) Twelve miles (D) Sixteen miles

I have a dream that my children be judged by the content of their.
(A) Skin colour (B) Creativity (C) Education (D) Character

How many years did Jess father spend to improve his acres?
(A) 20 (B) 25 (C) 30 (D) 35

How many children did Jesse’s old father have?
(A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) Six

What is Miss McCutcheon looking for?
(A) A husband (B) A job (C) A house (D) A chance to teach

What was Harry looking for?
(A) An oyster (B) A theory (C) A chance to take his time (D) A wife)

What did the foolish quack claim to cure?
(A) Goitre (B) Infection (C) Persecution (D) Ulcer

Why did the girl stop in the middle of the road?
(A) She was sick (B) She was the killer (C) She was drunk (D) She ran out of gas”)

What did the quack claim to cure?
(A) Cholera (B) Fever (C) Goiter (D) Jaundice

“I can cure the” answered the quack.
(A) Malaria (B) Goiter (C) tonsils (D) blindness

The rich people gathered at the big hall.
(A) To watch a show (B) For a discussion (C) To hear a lecture (D) For a great meal

What type of people are the Magi?
(A) Realist (B) Idiot (C) Nice (D) Wise

It was a cold that induced people to.
(A) Go home (B) Wear overcoats (C) Use woollen Clothes (D) Seek comfort in pleasure

Norma believed that Mr. Steward was a
(A) Guest (B) Operator (C) Salesman (D) Psychiatrist

What did Norma prepare for Arthur?
(A) His office file (B) His suitcase (C) Lunch (D) Breakfast

Who is Norma’s opinion, was the researcher?
(A) Psychiatrist (B) A doctor (C) An eccentric millionaire (D) Murderer

Norma put the package in a bottom cabinet and she intended to
(A) Keep it safe (B) Throw it out in the morning (C) Get the reward (D) Call Mr. Steward

Where did Norma put the lamb chops?
(A) In the oven (B) In the broiler (C) In the freezer (D) In the basket)

What is Norma’s opinion about the researcher?
(A) A psychiatrist (B) A doctor (C) An eccentric millionaire (D) A murderer

Fenton Lockhart is a
(A) Writer (B) Sailor (C) Painter (D) Doctor

Who opposed Gorgious on creating the post of court acrobat?
(A) Many people (B) His teacher (C) His father (D) His wife

What sort of piles have been gathered there?
(A) Bones (B) Books (C) Wood and grass (D) Rubbish

What is the impression of Kreton on seeing the inside of the house?
(A) Disgusted (B) Delightful (C) Callous (D) Sorrowful

General Powers was thinking that Kreton was a
(A) Scientist (B) Spyl (C) Joker (D) Pilot

What does Kreton twirl?
(A) A top (B) The globe (C) His arms (D) A stick

Who calls Kreton a joker?
(A) John (B) Ellen (C) General Powers (D) Spelding

What could Kreton hear?
(A) Heart beat (B) Traffic noise (C) Human brain (D) Fairies

From which planet has Kreton come?
(A) Venus (B) Mars (C) From an unknown planet (D) Moon)

Who was sent to bring salt?
(A) A girl (B) A woman (C) A man (D) A boy

But her face was flushed, she was breathing
(A) Slowly (B) Quietly (C) Rapidly (D) Calmly

What was the original colour of Harry’s eyes?
(A) Black (B) Brown (C) Blue (D) Red

What did Harry invent?
(A) A device (B) A gadget (C) A philosophy (D) A radio

How did the locusts attack the crops?
(A) In swarms (B) In small groups (C) One by one (D) In hurry

The round drops are brightened by
(A) Sunshine (B) Rainbow light (C) Moonshine (D) star light

The Night Mail reaches
(A) In time (B) On time (C) Before time (D) Late

The slave began to cry and tremble in fear of being
(A) Attacked (B) Drowned (C) Punished (D) Inflicted

The slave had never experienced any
(A) Pleasure (B) Calamity (C) Rule (D) War

Wozzeck repairs
(A) Furniture (B) Watches (C) Shoes (D) Cars

Which language did the Martian speak?
(A) English (B) Greek (C) Italian (D) French

What did Applegarth judge?
(A) Animals (B) Books (C) People (D) Birds

What was covering the button unit?
(A) A piece of cloth (B) A paperl (C) Glass dome (D) Metal dome)

What was the age of Ellen?
(A) 18 (B) 19 (C) 20 (D) 21

Ellen listened to the broadcast of her
(A) Daddy (B) Fiance (C) Mother (D) Kreton

J.Ellen listened to the broadcast of her
(A) Daddy (B) Fiance (C) Mother (D) Kreton

What is the name of the population of O.K. by the Sea?
(A) 606 (B) 707 (C) 808 (D) 909

Gorgios had an idea to become
(A) Court jester (B) Court advisor (C) Court athlete (D) Court acrobat

Gorgios achieved his ambition by
(A) Going into politicsl (B) Getting an opportunity (C) Determination (D) Coaxing the king

On what subject did Gorgios make speeches?
(A) Examination (B) Water (C) War (D) Many subjects

What are Alleghenies?
(A) Oil wells of Texas (B) Rivers of America (C) Ports of San Francisco (D) Mountains of Pennsylvania

What is the scene of the play The Oyster And the Pearl?
(A) Clinic (B) A bus station (C) A space ship (D) A barber’s shop

Where is Rokies situated?
(A) California (B) Alaska (C) Colorado (D) Texas

The spaceship was
(A) Oval (B) Round (C) Elliptical (D) Square

Where does the space ship land?
(A) On the top of a tree (B) On the roof of a house (C) On the top of a hill (D) In rose garden

Who joined the discussion at the club in favour of determination?
(A) Terburt (B) Hubert (C) James (D) Jorkens

James Dillingham Youngs had two valuable things.
(A) A house and a car (B) A necklace and a clock (C) A T.V. and VCR (D) Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair.

The interior of the bus station was
(A) Deserted (B) Drab (C) pleasant (D) Comfortable

How did the angel look?
(A) Happy (B) Weary (C) Stranger (D) Angry

Which city was attacked?
(A) Washington (B) New York (C) Texas (D) Hollywood

Who is John?
(A) Player (B) Farm owner (C) Soldier (D) Artist

What did Hubert pick from the ground?
(A) Pocket-book (B) Piece of string (C) Stick (D) Stone

The pavement was thronged with
(A) Pedestrians (B) Travellers (C) Passengers (D) Musicians

What had happened to the throat of an old woman?
(A) Infectious (B) Swollen (C) Wounded (D) Paining

What was the woman carrying?
(A) A rod (B) A bag (C) A hammer (D) A large purse

The woman was walking alone when a boy tried to snatch her
(A) Computer (B) Pocket (C) Purse (D) Money

Roger Spelding is a
(A) General (B) Soldier (C) Newscaster (D) Technician

The man who keeps on wins
(A) The reward (B) The race (C) The fight (D) The shield

General Powers was thinking about
(A) His promotion (B) Security of the country (C) Arrest of Kreton (D) Murder of the visitor

She saw in the flash of lightning
(A) A lion (B) A cart (C) A bus (D) A man’s face

What is the dream?
(A) In equality of high and low standard (B) Rule of the blacks (C) negation of the white people (D) the practice of brotherhood

What did they do after building a cottage?
(A) Decorated it (B) Furnished it (C) Ate good breakfasts (D) Arranged a feast

Which one is a desert state sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression?
(A) Georgia (B) Mississippi (C) Alabama (D) Virginia

She saw the man dragging out of his car
(A) The corpse of a woman (B) A sack (C) A statue (D) A dog

The boy saved his life by praying to
(A) Qazi (B) King (C) Parents (D) God Almighty

Where did the travelers stay?
(A) In an inn (B) In a jungle (C) In a haveli (D) Under a clump of trees

There was a small man
(A) In the porch (B) In the room (C) At the door (D) In the hallway

You have come here out of great trials and tribulations means that you have come here after
(A) Attending a fair (B) Facing great persecutions (C) Great honours (D) Great travels

What punishment did the villagers propose on the death of the old women?
(A) To pay the damages (B) to be persecuted (C) To dig her grave (D) To be imprisoned

She received a call from Lennox Hill
(A) Hotel (B) Hospital (C) Hostel (D) Office

The liveliest of the all trees is the
(A) Apple (B) Mango (C) Cherry (D) Walnut

What type of special tree was fond by the old man?
(A) Cherry (B) Apple (C) Orange (D) Coffee tree

Choose the Correct form of the Verb

I_______for Karachi tomorrow
(A) am leaving (B) leave (C) left (D) will have been leaving

I thanked them for what they_______for me
(A) has done (B) had done (C) will do (D) would do

They_______their work so far
(A) did not finish (B) finished (C) have not finished (D) do not finish

When he_______I will let you know
(A) arrive (B) arrives (C) arrived (D) will arrive

It_______every day so far this week
(A) rains (B) will rain (C) rained (D) has been raining

This is the car which I_______last month
(A) buy (B) havebought (C) bought (D) had bought

My friend a car last week. (bought/,
has bought, will buy, has bought)

I am sure she_______if you ask her
(A) come (B) comes (C) will come (D) came

He_______his homework before the guests came
(A) finished (B) has finished (C) had finished (D) had been finished

He treated me as if I_______his servant
(A) am (B) have been (C) was (D) were

She_______a diamond set on her birthday.
(A) Gave (B) Gives (C) Has given (D) was giving

When you come, I_______the boys
(A) will have taught (B) have been teaching (C) had been teaching (D) was teaching

This is a girl who_______me.
(A) Guides (B) Guided (C) Will guide (D) Has guided

Someone_______at the door
(A) is knocking (B) knock (C) has knock (D) had knock

The patient_______before the doctor arrived.
(A) Had died (B) Died (C) Will die (D) Dies

The stove_______water
(A) heats (B) heat (C) does not heats (D) do not heat

He_______this novel by
(A) finishes (B) finished (C) will have finished (D) has finished

As it is a lovely morning, the birds_______
(A) have chirp (B) are chirping (C) has chirped (D) might chirped

The Sun_______in the East
(A) rises (B) rose (C) rise (D) will rise

The firework_______at midnight.
(A) Started (B) Start (C) Had started (D) Is starting

It_______drizzling since morning
(A) has been (B) will has (C) will have (D) should have been

They_______him two days before
(A) buried (B) bury (C) shall have buried (D) had buried

The baby_______for milk.
(A) Cries (B) Is crying (C) Has been crying (D) Has cried)

She hopes that she_______her lost child
(A) were finding (B) finds (C) will find (D) will finds

She is not sleeping, she_______the books
(A) is study (B) is studying (C) had study (D) has study

He_______his boy how to ride a bicycle
(A) is teaching (B) is teach (C) do not teach (D) have taught

It_______before I came out
(A) rains (B) will be raining (C) had rained (D) have rained

He_______two days ago
(A) do not die (B) will die (C) die (D) died

When I met him, he_______to college
(A) goes (B) is going (C) went (D) was going

Honesty never_______wasted
(A) go (B) goes (C) went (D) gone

I_______the next week in Multan
(A) spend (B) have spent (C) spent (D) will spend

We_______live times a day
(A) will have pray (B) pray (C) would pray (D) praying

He_______in the ground for a long time
(A) has been playing (B) plays (C) had played (D) has played

Time once gone cannot be_______
(A) Recall (B) Recalls (C) Recalled (D) Recalling

If he_______hard, he will pass
(A) work (B) works (C) working (D) worked

Would that, he_______the match
(A) had won (B) may win (C) will win (D) has won

He_______out five minutes ago
(A) goes (B) is going (C) went (D) has gone

The Hindus_______the dead bodies
(A) is burn (B) was burn (C) were burn (D) burn

If you had helped him, he_______
(A) passed (B) had passed (C) would have passed (D) would pass

When he_______all his newspapers, he will go home
(A) had sold (B) sold (C) has sold (D) will sell

I_______the next week in Lahore
(A) shall spend (B) spend (C) have spent (D) spent

I_______to Lahore yesterday
(A) goes (B) go (C) went (D) will go

I_______to Lahore tomorrow
morning: (shall go”, went, had gone, was going)

I_______your letter yesterday
(A) will receive (B) have received (C) received (D) has received

If he_______hard, he will succeed
(A) work (B) working (C) works (D) had worked

A rolling stone_______no moss
(A) gather (B) gathers (C) gathered (D) had gather

If he works hard, he_______in the exam
(A) will have passed (B) had been passed (C) will pass (D) will being passed

We_______to see picture last night
(A) go (B) had gone (C) went (D) will go

A black sheep_______the whole flock
(A) spoil (B) spoils (C) had spoiled (D) spoiled

The principal has just_______a speech
(A) make (B) will make (C) can make (D) made

Let us go to the bookshop as soon as school_______
(A) will be over (B) was over (C) be over (D) is over

I_______in the rain for half an hour
(A) am standing (B) have been standing (C) stand (D) standing

It usually_______here in June
(A) rains (B) rained (C) will rain (D) rain

The children_______taken good care of
(A) has (B) have (C) has been (D) have been

I would like to have this suit_______
(A) cleaned (B) cleaning (C) clean (D) to clean

She_______ill for a week
(A) is (B) has (C) had (D) has been

The peon_______the bell in the morning
(A) ring (B) ringing (C) rings (D) rung

It started to rain while we_______tennis
(A) are playing (B) played (C) were playing (D) had played

A coward_______many times before his death
(A) died (B) will die (C) has died (D) dies

I_______this book last night
(A) will not read (B) do not read (C) did not read (D) am not read

They_______football since noon
(A) has been playing (B) have played (C) are playing (D) have been playing

We will begin when you_______ready
(A) will be (B) have (C) have been (D) are

All is well that_______well
(A) end (B) ends (C) ending (D) will end

He_______here just now
(A) has come (B) had come (C) comes (D) came

We cannot go out because it_______
(A) is raining (B) was raining (C) has rained (D) rained

She_______the child for two years
(A) was nursing (B) is nursing (C) nursed (D) has been nursing

Work hard lest you_______
(A) should fail (B) will fail (C) fail (D) can fail

This book_______last year
(A) has been published (B) is published (C) was published (D) had been published

When the bell rang, he_______a bath
(A) was having (B) has (C) had (D) is having

Hard work never_______waste
(A) go (B) went (C) goes (D) will have gone

He_______to college daily in time
(A) go (B) goes (C) going (D) gone

They_______until they die
(A) will fight (B) fought (C) had fought (D) was fighting

Unless you_______hard, you cannot succeed
(A) do not work (B) work (C) worked (D) had worked

If we worked hard, we_______pass the examination
(A) would (B) will (C) would have (D) had

Ibraheem_______helping the poor for many years
(A) is (B) has been (C) will be (D) was

Dogs always_______at strangers
(A) barks (B) bark (C) barked (D) will bark

We_______a letter every week
(A) have written (B) write (C) writes (D) written

Most of the students in my class_______the interviews very interesting
(A) found (B) finding (C) finds (D) founds

Would that I_______rich
(A) was (B) were (C) is (D) will be

What have you been_______all the morning?
(A) do (B) does (C) did (D) doing

I_______since morning
(A) rains (B) raining (C) had raining (D) has been raining

I_______in the rain for half an hour
(A) stand (B) was standing (C) will be standing (D) have been standing

The bell_______when 1 reached the college
(A) was ringing (B) is ringing (C) had been rung (D) will be ringing

I was fined for not_______home work
(A) do (B) did (C) done (D) doing

We_______for her since morning
(A) have been waiting (B) are waiting (C) have waiting (D) will have waiting

It usually_______here in this month
(A) Rained (B) Has rained (C) Rains (D) Has been raining

He usually_______to Murree in summer
(A) went (B) goes (C) go (D) gone

The sun_______in the east
(A) rised (B) rises (C) rose (D) risen

We_______in this house since 1990
(A) Have been living (B) Will live (C) Lived (D) Are living

The clerks_______on strike since Monday.
(A) Were (B) Have been (C) Will be (D) Are


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