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Financial Aid Scholarships for Pakistani Student at Washington University

Financial Aid Scholarships for Pakistani Student at Washington University


Study Subject: Scholarship is available to learn any of the courses at Washington University.

Course Level: Scholarship is awarded for pursuing undergraduate degree level at Washington University.

Scholarship Provider: Washington University Scholarship can be taken at: USA

Eligibility: International students must be permanent residents of countries other than the United States who will be studying on a temporary visa.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International (other than the United States) students can apply for this Financial Aid.

Number of award: Not Known

Duration of award: Financial aid for qualified students is considered on a case-by-case basis. Financial aid is renewable for each year of undergraduate study, as long as the student is making good progress toward a degree and maintaining a good academic record.

What does it cover? Costs for the 2014-15 academic year, tuition and fees (including the Student Health and Wellness Fee and Washington University Student Health Insurance Plan) will be $47,867. Living expenses (including room and board, books and supplies, clothing, incidentals, and recreation) are estimated at a minimum of $20,500 for 12 months. The total of $68,367 per year is the figure used for visa processing. These figures may not include the costs for the English Language Program (required for students who do not meet English proficiency standards). Students in art and architecture should plan to spend an additional $600 for books

Selection Criteria: Not Known

Notification: Financial assistance decision sent on December 15, 2014. Online Application:

> Submit Either Washington University’s Family Financial Profile (FFP) or the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS-PROFILE) to be considered for university-funded assistance

> Noncustodial Parent’s Statement: If a financial assistance applicant’s natural parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, the noncustodial parent must complete the Noncustodial Parent’s Statement in order for the student to be considered for financial assistance.

Scholarship Deadline: Application Deadline for admissions is November, 15 2014.


Click Here to Apply

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