Thursday , 18 January 2018

Fulbright scholarship program 2016

USA Fulbright scholarship program for 2016

Brief description:

The Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Programs enables to graduate students, young youth professionals, and artists from abroad to Study and research in the United States (U.S) for one year or longer at United States universities or other institutions.

full bright scholarships

Host Institution:

United States USA Universities and different Academic Institutions.

Free USA international Scholarship 2015

Field of study:

Fulbright Scholarships encourages applications from all fields.

Number of Awards:

Approximately 4,000 International students received by Fulbright scholarships each year.

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Target group:

All International students from 155 countries around the world eligible forĀ USA scholarships.


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  • Shammee

    I am not needs three month to complete my this situation can I apply for any scholarship?

  • Dires Demis

    My name is Dires Demis From Ethiopia, East Africa.I had graduated from Hawassa university with GPA of 2.8 from the field of Bsc nursing. I would like to learn my MSC in your institution and please contact me with e-mail and phone number 251913788917.thanks for your cooperation.

  • kaleab Gebremichael

    hey I want to have US grade 12 student.if I had a chance contact is my telephone also +251934487861

  • mehbuba beshir

    how can i gat this scholarship

  • Samwel Manga

    please i would love to have firm production or music or any entertainment related course scholarship,

  • Syeda noshaba

    How can I apply for full scholarship?

  • Kasahun Gudeta Gutema

    I need to study PhD in any field biology in USA. I am Eehipian. Respond me.

  • Kasahun Gudeta Gutema

    I am Ethiopian. I need to study any field of Biology in PhD program.

  • Mohammad Waris Ahmady

    I would like to study and live in United States of America.


    Good oppertunity

  • Shewaye Asha

    I am graduated engineerig from Arbaminch university in 2011 and i like to learn Msc. in any of my field.

  • Tadele Amanu

    I get masters in MBA from florid universit now I want to learn MA in any busines field

  • Fasil Taye Arega

    am student of sureveying level 3 & pless give me the chance of scholareship?

  • abayneh aleme

    i am ethiopian.i would like to study msc in any field of agriculture.