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Physics Short Questions Guess Paper 11th Class 2016

Physics Short Questions Guess Paper 11th Class 2016

Intermediate Guess Papers for Physics Part 1

DAe education provide you Intermediate Guess Papers for Physics Part 1 here you can find all guess papers for all subject.

Intermediate Guess Papers for Physics Part 1

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Guess Paper Intermediate Part 1,

FSC Part 1 Subjective Physics Paper,

Guess Paper of Physics 1st Year Important Short Questions

Can a body rotate about its centre of gravity under the action of its weight? OR Define artificial gravity. Write down expression for its frequency. OR An object is thrown vertically upward. Discuss the sign of acceleration due to gravity, relative to velocity, while the object is in air.

What happens to the length of simple pendulum, if its length is doubled? OR The period of simple pendulum is measured by a stop watch. What type of errors are possible in the time period? OR What happens to the period of a simple pendulum if its length is doubled? What happens if suspended mass is doubled? OR Can we realize an ideal simple pendulum? OR Give the drawbacks to use the period of a pendulum as a time standard.

Define the term resonance.

Show that P = F.V.

Define transverse waves. OR Explain why sound waves travel faster in warm, air than in cold air. OR What features do longitudinal waves have in common with transverse waves? OR Is it possible for two identical waves traveling in the same direction along a string to give rise to a stationary wave? OR Differentiate between longitudinal waves and transverse waves. OR Can Doppler effect be applied to electromagnetic waves? Give an example. OR Define wave front and spherical wave front.

Write the formula for speed of sound at 0°C. OR How should a sound source move with respect to an observer so that the frequency of its sound does not change? OR Why does sound travel faster in solid than in gases? OR Explain why does sound travel faster in warm air than in cold air.

What is polarization of light?

Define closed and an isolated system.

How would you distinguish between unpolarized and plane polarized light? OR Write down two methods by which we can obtain plane-polarized beam of light from un-polarized light.

How would you manage to get more orders of spectra using a diffraction grating?

Name two characteristics of S.H.M.

Define total internal reflection.

What is simple microscope? Write down the equation for its magnifying power. OR Why would it be advantageous to use blue light with a compound microscope? OR Sketch the ray dialtram of a compound microscope. OR One can buy a cheap microscope for use by the children. The images seen in such a microscope have couloured edges. Why is this so? OR How convex lens behaves as simple microscope?

Derive Boyle’s law from kinetic theory of gases. OR Wiite two postulates of Kinetic theory of gases. OR When an arrow is shot form its bow, it has Kinetic Energy. From where does it get the Kinetic energy? OR Derive Charle’s law from Kinetic Theory of gas molecule. OR Derive the Charles’ law from kinetic theory of gases.

Give an example of a natural process that involves an increase in entropy. OR State the law of increase of entropy. OR State second law of the rmodynamics in terms of entropy. OR Does entropy of a system increase or decrease due to friction?

Why does the pressure of a gas in a car tyre increase when it is driven through some distance? OR Define molar specific heat of gas at constant volume and pressure.

What are diinension of pressure and density? OR Specific heat of gas at constant pressure is greater than specific heat at constant volume. Why? OR Write the dimensions of pressure and density.

State carrots theorem. OR State and explain Torricelli’s theorem.

Name the several repetitive phenomenon occurring in nature which serve as reasonable time standard. OR Describe some common phenomenon in which resonance plays an important role. OR Name several repetitive phenomenon occurring in nature which could serve as reasonable time standards.

Show that Einstein equation E = mc2 is dimensionally consistent. OR Show that the expression VI = Vj + at is dimensionally correct.

What are the three fundamental frontiers of fundamental sciences? OR What are the main frontiers of fundamental science?

Define vector product of vector. OR If one of the rectangular components of a vector is not zero, can its magnitude be zero? Explain. OR How would the two vectors of the same magnitudes have to be oriented, if they were to be combined to give a vector of the same magnitude? OR Can magnitude of vector have negative volume? OR Show that vector addition is commutative. OR What do you mean by unit vector? OR Can you add zero to null vector? OR The vector sum of three vectors gives a zero resultant. OR Can the magnitude of a vector have a negative value?
What can be orientation of the vectors? OR Define the multiplication of a vector by a scalar. OR Define (a) unit vector (b) position vector. OR Is it possible to add a vector quantity to a scalar quantity? Explain. OR Define Null Vectors Equal Vectors. OR Define the terms unit vector and position vector.

Why fog droplets appear to be suspended in air?

Explain the circumstances in which velocity v and acceleration a of a car are: (i) Parallel. (ii) Perpendicular. OR What is difference between uniforth and variable velocity? OR Find the velocity of a disc rolls down along an inclined plane of height 10m. OR Can the velocity of an object reverse the direction when acceleration is constant? If so, give an example. OR Define instantaneous velocity of a moving body. OR Why is the average velocity of the molecules in a gas zero but the average of the square of the velocities is not zero? OR Show that in simple harmonic motion, the acceleration is zero when the velocity is greatest and the velocity is zero when the acceleration is greatest. OR Prove that the area between the velocity time graph and the time axis is numerically equal to-the distance covered by the object. OR Explain the difference between tangential velocity and angular velocity. OR Calculate the work done in kilo joules in lifting a mass of 10 kg (at a steady velocity) through a vertical height of 10 m. OR Define escape velocity. Write its value. OR Can the velocity of an object reverse the direction when acceleration is constant? OR What is the difference between uniform and variable velocity? Give S.I units of velocity and acceleration. OR What is escape velocity and its mathematical expression? OR Explain circumstances in which acceleration a and velocity V of a car: (a) a is zero but v is not zero (b) v is zero but a is not zero. OR Motion with constant velocity is a special case of motion with constant acceleration. Is this statement true? OR When a body is dropped from a height 4 m, calculate its velocity?

How you can get energy from tides? OR What is meant by non-conventional energy sources? Mention four of these. OR What sort of energy is in the following: (a) water in high drum (b) a moving car. OR Define absolute potential energy. OR How electrical energy can be obtained by using tides? OR An object has 1 J potential energy.

Explain what does it mean? OR A boy uses a catapult to throw a stone which accidentally smashes a green house wiridow. List the possible energy changes. OR Define work energy principle. Also write down its equations. OR When a rocket re-enters the atmosphere. its nose cone becomes very hot. Where, does this heat energy come from? OR Is it possible to convert internal energy into mechanical energy? Explain with an example. OR A girl drops a cup from certain height, which breaks into pieces. What energy changes are involved? OR State law of conservation of energy.

Prove that P = F.V. OR Prove that Cp — C. = R. OR Prove that 1 Radian = 57.3°

State right hand rule to find the direction of angular displacement. OR Show that orbital angular momentum Lo = mvr. OR What do you mean by linear magnification and angular magnification? OR Explain the difference between angular magnification and resolving power of an optical instrument.

When mud flies off the tyre of a moving bicycle, in what direction does it fly? Explain.

What is meant by phase angle? Does it define angle between maximum displacement and the driving force?

What do you understand by positive and negative torques?

Write and explain electrical application of resonance.

with SHM in a time equal to its period, if its amplitude is A? OR Does frequency depend on amplitude for harmonic oscillators?

Describe briefly the phenomena of superposition. OR Explain “Principle of Superposition”. OR Why does a diver change his body positions before and after diving in the pool?

How are beats useful in tuning the musical instruments?

Define elastic and inelastic collision.

Can you obtain Newton’s rings with transmitted light? If yes, would the pattern be different from that obtained with reflected light? OR The centre of Newton’s rings are dark. Why? OR Could you obtain Newton’s rings with transmitted light? Explain. OR State Newton’s Second and Third Law of Motion.

Flow the power is lost in optical fibre through dispersion? Explain. OR Write types of optical fibres.

Define magnifying power. OR Find the magnifying power of a convex lens of 10 cm focal length.

What happens to the temperature of the room, when an air-conditioner is left running on a table in the middle of a room? OR A thermo flask containing milk as a system is shaken rapidly. Does the temperature of the milk rise?

Why do we find it useful to have two units for the amount of substance, the kilogram and the mole?

What is condition of SHM?

How many nanoseconds in one year are there?

Give two conditions of equilibrium. OR Define dynamic and static equilibrium.

A singer, holding a note of the right frequency can shatter a glass? Explain.

Define impulse and give its relation with momentum. OR Define impulse and show that it is related to linear momentum. OR Show that time rate of change of momentum of a body equals the applied force. OR What is meant by angdar momentum?

Write three factors on which interference in thin film depends.

Explain how swing is produced in a fast moving cricket ball. OR A person is standing near a fast moving train. Is there any danger that he will fall toward it? OR Define average and instantaneous velocities of the moving body. Under what condition they arc equal. OR Two row boats moving parallel in the same direction are pulled towards each other. Explain. OR What is the total distance travelled by an object moving.

What are satellites and how they move around the earth? OR Describe the uses of Geo stationary satellite. OR Explain how many minimum number of geo-stationary satellites are required for global coverage of T.V. transmission.
Define work. When it is maximum and vs hen zero? Explain.

What is harmonic oscillator? OR Name two characteristics of simple harmonic motion. OR Does the acceleration of a simple harmonic oscillator remain constant during its notion? Is the acceleration ever zero? OR Under what conditions does the addition of two simple harmonic motions produce a resultant, which is also simple harmonic?

What is horizontal range? Write its formula.

Define a ray of light. OR What is diffraction of light? OR Draw sketch showing the different light paths through, a single-mode and a multi-mode fibre. OR Under what conditions, two or more sources of light behave as coherent sources? OR Define range and time of flight of a projectile.

Define reversible process and irreversible process.

What is principle of fiber obtics?

What do you mean by scientific notation, give an example?

Why do you keep your legs far apart when you have to stand in the aisle of a bumpy riding bus?

Why a motorcycle’s safety helmet is padded? OR Why is it useful to use a safety helmet?

What is physical difference between interference brings and diffraction fringes.

Explain what do you understand by the term viscosity and give its S.I unit. OR Find the dimensions and S.1. units of co-efficient of viscosity.

What is Huygen’s Principle? OR Write down two parts of Huygen’s Principle.

Define isolated system.

What do you mean by Polaroid? OR Why the Polaroid sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses?

Explain what is meant by projectile motion. OR At what point or points in its path does a projectile have its minimum speed, its maximum speed? OR Show that range of projectile is maximum when projectile is thrown at an angle of 45° with horizontal.

What is molar specific heat?

Calculate the work done in kilo joules in lifting a mass of 10 kg through a vertical height of 10m.

Define critical angle.

Define the term power and its S.I. unit. OR What is SI unit of power? Define it.

Describe briefly about nodes and antinodes. OR Explain the term crest, trough, node and antinodes.

An object orbiting around the earth is said to be a freely falling body. Why?

Write down the names of the essential components of a spectrometer. OR What is the function of collimator in a spectrometer? OR What is spectrometer used for?

Describe two uses of ballistae missiles.

Define elastic and inelastic collisions.

Explain the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow.

What is meant by moment of inertia? Explain its significance.

What is Snell’s law?

Define Doppler Effect.

An oil film spreading over a wet footpath shows colours. How does it happen? Explain.

Is it possible to construct a heat engine that will not expel heat into the atmosphere?

How many seconds are there in one year?

Write down the two uses of dimensional analysis.

Differentiate between distance and displacement. OR A force ‘F’ acts through a distance ‘L’. The force is then increased to ‘3F’ and then acts through a further distance of ‘2L’. Draw the work diagram to scale and calculate total work done.

Define radian and steroidal.

Explain what is meant by centripetal force. Why it must be furnished to an object if it is to follow a circular path?

Define absolute zero using carnot cycle.

Write the dimensions of Density.

Define absolute P.E.

As a result of a distant explosion, an observer senses a ground tremor and then hears the explosion. Explain the time difference.

Write down the three major components on which a fibre optic communication system consists.

Define triple point of water, also write down its value.

Define refractive index.

Define precision and accuracy.

What are supplementary units? Define only one unit.

If a person was looking through a telescope at the full moon, how would the appearance of the moon be changed by covering half of the objective lens?

What is multi mode step index fiber?

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