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Power plant jobs in nishat mills

Shift Engineer, Operations Manager Jobs in Nishat Power Limited

Job Title: Power plant jobs in nishat mills
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Date Published:    26-April-2015 Sunday

Jobs in Nishat Power Limited for Power plant

Dae education update you Power plant jobs in nishat mills this jobs for power plant and steam turbine, Nishat power limited  required DAe, Engineer, and many other degree holder.

Nishat Power plant have following vecouncy:

  1. Admin Assistant,
  2.  Plant Manager, 
  3. Operation Department ,
  4.  Operation Manager
  5. Dy. Manager Operation
  6. Shift Engineer
  7. Control Room Operator, 
  8. Engine Room Operator, 
  9. Asst. Engine Room Operator,
  10.  Boiler Engineer, 
  11. Boiler Operator, 
  12. Chemist, Asst. Chemist,
  13.  Decanting Incharge, 
  14. Decanting Supervisor, 
  15. Mechanical Department, 
  16. Manager Maintenance,
  17.  Dy. Manager Maintenance,
  18.  Mechanical Engineer,
  19.  Junior Engineer, 
  20. Steam Turbine Engineer, 
  21. Sr. Mechanic, Mechanic, 
  22. Assistant Mechanic, 
  23. Machinist Welder, 
  24. Fabricator, 
  25. Electrical Department, 
  26. Manager Electrical,
  27.  Sr. Electrical Engineer,
  28.  Electrical Engineer,
  29.  Junior Engineer, 
  30. Sr. Electrician,
  31.  Electrician,
  32.  HVAC Technician, 
  33. Finance Department, 
  34. Manager Finance, 
  35. Admin & Store Department,
  36.  Store Keeper,
  37.  Assistant Store Keeper, 
  38. Safety Officer, 
  39. House keeping Supervisor, 
  40. Admin Officer, 

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